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Mikasa x Male Reader! Fight! Part 1
Hey's now time for the long awaited Mikasa Ackerman Series! thank you to all of you who stuck through the Moka Series with me for those who are wondering no, it's NOT over, there will be a fourth Season it'll be out later this year though. This is going to be quite a long series so I hope your ready for an action packed Romantic ride. Now just a heads up this isn't going to be like other AOT stories and you'll see why as you read ;) and now I say goodbye and good reading
You were awoken by someone shaking you, you slowly opened your eyes and looked up to see your Mother smiling back at you. She was a beautiful young woman, she had you at a very young age though, she had you when she was eighteen years old. She had hazel eyes and long silky brown hair. She softly nudged you again.
(m/n): come on hun, time to get up.
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 20 10
I love sadness....(Akeno x male reader x BB) #7
Hello! my fellows! it's me andrew and today I am bringing you another chapter of I love sadness! which is now akeno x male reader x blazblue! in the last chapter I saw a lot of you said yes to noel so as you understand it's time for your first date with noel.I honestly think noel is the cutest but I like rachel as well because I have this thing for lolis.....DON'T CALL THE COPS PLS!!! I am just kidding I think a lot of people are into lolis like I am...which even the adult lolis are amazing.But anyways! a new series is coming out and yes...again a new series....well I hope you love dragons that's all i gotta say.
P.S. I know what you are thinkins....why noel in the image instead of akeno this time....well that is because now it is akeno x male reader x blazblue so we gonna have some blazblue images!!
Anyways,I hope you all enjoy this chapter.
Fair warning! adult stuff!
noel: GO OU
:iconantreas2121:antreas2121 24 18
Esdeath X Male!Reader: your mine
"Bastard. I already told you...I WILL kill you. Eventually you will just have to except it (y/n). So tell you what, if you want you can just surrender yourself now, I'll kill you peacefully and quick. Oh and the longer you make me wait the more I'll torture you when i catch you." You smirked, "I'll never give myself into you, what i did was fair, they deserved everything they got and your next, just wait till i get my hands on you." You killed Esdeath's men, they deserved it since they were the ones that killed your brother. Now you were on the run and Esdeath swore to kill you no matter and even though she could be flirty she was usually the same sadistic person she'd always been. "I'm sure you'd love to get your hands on me but unfortunately the only thing you'll be touching is my blade." She kept running after you until you reached a dead end. One that was too high for you to jump or climb over. You turned around and smirked going into a fighting stance. You reached your ba
:iconimouttamymind:ImOuttaMyMind 101 8
Konan x Reader - Birthdays
“Konan?” You call out as you search the Akatsuki base for the blue-haired woman. You know it’s her birthday today, so you’ve been searching all over for her since you haven’t bumped into her casually to wish her a happy one. You haven’t been able to find her anywhere though, and there’s only one room you have left to check, because you doubt she’ll be in any of the guys’ rooms... you’re kind of hoping she’s not at least.
“Konan?” You ask again, more quietly this time, after knocking on her bedroom door.  You still speak loud enough to expect for her to hear you on the other side, but there’s no answer. After knocking again a little louder, only to receive the same result, you start wondering if she might be sick. Or on a mission. Going with that last conclusion for now, you make your way to Pain’s office to ask him just what he’s thinking.
“Why would you do that?” You ask, n
:iconakatsuki-rabbit:Akatsuki-Rabbit 33 3
Anko x MaleReader Cursed Mark Love
Orochimaru: "Speak!"
(Y/N) : "What do you want me to say?"
Orochimaru: "Introduce yourself."
(Y/N) :"My name is (Y/N). I have h/c hair and yellow eyes. Anything else?"
Orochimaru: "No that is fine. Now it's time for your mission. I have a child-
(Y/N) : I never knew, congratulations Orochimaru-sama.
Orocuinaru: No, not a biological child *I should get one*(Mitsuki: Thanks for the cameo I guess. Rae- you're welcome I guess) She was like a child to me, Anko Mitarashi. I hurt her a while back and never made amends for it. She has brown eyes and violet hair. From my snakes I sent to look upon her she's gained a small amount of weight from the last time I saw her. That should be a problem should it?"
He said that part with so much venom in his voice.
(Y/N) :"Honestly I love women of all sizes, but if I may ask, why are you telling me this?"
Orochimaru: "I want you to be with her. You my student will marry her."
(Y/N) "Is she okay with this. She doesn't even know who I am."
Orochimaru: "Smal
:iconjotose:Jotose 45 10
Moka x Male Reader! The Future's Power!S3! FINALE3
Hey guys, I hope you all enjoy the Final Chapter :D
Tsukune breathed in and out heavily. He looked at the cut in half Merged Zamasu.
Merged Zamasu: i-impossible…a God losing to a Mortal…
Suddenly the two halves of Merged Zamasu exploded…leaving nothing but dust. Tsukune’s massive energy blade then disappeared. You then walked over.
(y/n): *laughs* holy crap man you did it!
Future Tsukune: y-yeah I did
Suddenly Kurumu flew over, she landed and ran up to Tsukune and gave him a big hug. She then started crying tears of joy.
Future Kurumu: you did it! You really did it!!
(y/n): you sword was filled with the energy of everything living on this Planet. I didn’t even know that could happen.
Future Tsukune: it’s thanks to everyone, everyone’s power defeated him.
Suddenly a red beam shot up to the sky from where Zamasu was defeated. The sky then started t
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 14 19
Moka x Male Reader! The Future's Power!S3!FINALE 1
Hey guys I hope you all enjoy the three part finale :D
You and Tsukune looked up in shock at their new merged enemy. Gowasu could see this from a distance, he gasped also in fear.
Gowasu: this awesome power…he fused together…
Merged Zamasu then raised his hands as he was admiring the view. Suddenly he got a yellow aura around his body.
Future Tsukune: what does he plan to do!?
Merged Zamasu: I feel it…two powers melting together in this single body.
Suddenly a massive yellow and white light broke out. You and Tsukune covered your eyes.
Future Tsukune: his power keeps rising!
Suddenly the bright light disappeared, Merged Zamasu now had a white halo behind his back.
Gowasu: a-a Halo?
Merged Zamasu: *laughs* observe…A body that can infinitely increase in strength and is immortal! feels good…this power that fills my body…This is true Justice!
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 10 6
Moka x Male Reader! The Future's Power!S3! FINALE2
Hey everyone, only one more Chapter to go!! :D
You were putting all the energy you possessed into the Kamehameha as it tried to push back the Holy Wrath. Merged Zamasu put more energy into the Holy Wrath pushing back the Kamehameha a little bit. But then you growled and put even more energy into the Kamehameha.
You started pushing back the Holy Wrath a little. Merged Zamasu then growled.
Merged Zamasu: you god defying simpleton!!
Suddenly the halo on Merged Zamasu’s back began to glow extremely bright as he put most of his energy into the Holy Wrath.
(y/n): I’m not losing! Here’s my full power!! FINAL KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suddenly the Kamehameha became enormous. The tremendous power that surged through didn’t push back the Holy Wrath but it actually
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 12 28
Mature content
Erza Scarlet x Male!Reader One-Shot :icondeersdonteatbabies:Deersdonteatbabies 98 4
My Paper Angel (Konan x Male!Reader)
"Hey Konan-chan!" You greeted excitedly.
She looked up from where she was folding paper. "Hello (Y/n)-san."
You sighed, before sitting down on the seat across the table from her. "What'cha working on?"
"Origami." She said seriously.
You leaned over, studying what she was folding. "A rose?"
"It's pretty." You grinned. "Like you."
A faint blush settled on her cheeks before she glared at you. "Don't you have something to do? As in, go on a mission for Pein-sama?"
"Nah, I just got back." You stretched tiredly.
She ignored you and concentrated on her rose.
"Teach me, please?" You asked abruptly.
"Find a piece of paper." She didn't look up.
You jumped up and searched for a piece of paper. You mentally cheered in success as you discovered a red piece of paper.
"Here!" You sat back down in the chair.
She pulled a piece of paper out of nowhere and made four folds. You mimicked her, unconsciously poking your tongue out in concentration.
"Okay, now what?" You asked cheerfully.
You stared a
:iconhuntingfire2001:HuntingFire2001 102 20
Conjured Love (Erza X Mreader)
AN: Funny how now, whenever I watch a new anime, I expect to get one or two Waifus. And here’s one. Erza Scarlett.
About you: You are a Wizard of the Fairy Tale Guild. Your magic is mainly conjuration based. Your main spells being summoning a bow made of Aether and turning your familiar into different forms. But you can also use other types, such as fire and ice to enhance the power of your arrows. Anyway, you joined Fairy Tale a few months back, and already, you caught the attention of someone.
Your outfit, but in whatever color you like:
And you do not have the staff.
(Third Person)
It was another day at the Fairy Tale Guild. People were ether drinking, relaxing, or watching Nats
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 40 38
Mature content
Dark Feathers (Akeno X Male Reader) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 32 40
The King and Queens Pet (Rias X Mreader X Akeno)
AN: So, I have reached 400 watchers. Awesome. Anyway, I have not watch Highschool DxD it is on the list, but I have read enough fanfiction and got the lay down of it. Anyway, for the purpose of this harem, I won’t be getting heavy into any Angel-Devil stuff. (Or none at all. So meh.)
About you: You are an average college student, you aren’t really anything special. Then having a Devil and her half-breed friend after you.
Enjoy! (And good luck XD)
(Third Person)
(FN) sat on a bench in the school courtyard. He was currently reading a little between class, and enjoying the nice sunny day. He smiled and leaned back on the bench, only for his head to press against something. It didn’t take him a second to realize who it was. “How is my little (FN)~” Akeno cooed in t
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 52 48
Mature content
A Knight in a White Shirt (Rias X Mreader) :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 45 95
Mature content
Shocking Passion (Akeno X Mreader) :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 41 46
The Wandering Hero Asami x Male Reader CH12
Chapter Twelve: Under Pressure!
(Your POV)
Connor goes to town on the incoming ice wall by sending a lightning strike through it to shatter the thing whole. Bolin raises a large stone from the ground and gives me a nod. I run behind him and jump at the boulder. Just before the twins can send their next attack I punch the stone and the thing shatters and the pieces get sent flying forward by a combination the force behind my punch and Bolin sending them forward. The twins dodge them as gracefully as one would expect pro water benders to do. Connor goes flying up and Korra sends two air blasts at the twins. Connor sends two fireballs from the top. The twins barely move out of the way of them. The four of us regroup as the Twins do the same.
You: “Me and Korra will take Desna and Bolin and Connor go after Eska… And no flirting Bolin.” I said with a teasing smirk as Desna stares me down. They all agree with me and we take off towards each target.
I punch the ice directly
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 9 22





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