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The Wandering Hero. Asami x Male Reader CH7
Chapter Seven: Take It Back
(Your POV)
A month we’ve waited for information from Iroh. A bloody month. Luckily Connor had received a decently sized package today and said he’d call all of us when he was done going through it with Tenzin. I am currently outside doing push ups with Ikki, Meelo, Jinora, Bolin and a few of the kids from this small community on my back. I didn’t even struggle but this kids are laughing and giggling up a storm… I’m so used to getting insulted and ridiculed for my powers that hearing people cheer and watch on in awe was strange… Yet everyone here loved my powers. I remember one day where I had five of the strongest people here try and beat me at arm wrestling. None of them could. I even said they all could do it at once and I still beat them all. Those people were a bit jealous they told me but they commended me on my strength. Soon the crowd shouted one hundred and began cheering as I feel the kids and Bolin pile off my ba
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 8 11
(Male) Reader X Stubborn!Konan Chpt. 1
 {____}= What someone is thinking
 Author's note: this is going to be a long series. As long as it is read it will be updated. Meaning I do not plan on ending it. I'm fairly bad at fighting scene's, so this won't be my best. Only once it dies I will end it! Enjoy!!!
 "This is top secret information. Target name: (Y/N) Momichi. Older brother of the infamous Zabuza Momichi. Much more deadly. He took down the Raikage in a instant just to set a example." Pain shows the two a picture. "You two better bring him back. We're going to need his power. Understood?" Konan and Hidan nod. "Oh by the way... Hidan, try not to annoy him." They grab supplies and head out.
 "What do you think he's like Konan-San?" Konan sighs of stress.
 "It doesn't matter. As long as he's as strong as Pain says he is, I'm sure he will be fine."
 "Sheesh. Sorry for asking." He puts his scythe over his shoulder.
 ~With you~
 You are wearing ripped Jonin pants and no shir
:iconderpyjackson:derpyjackson 45 13
The Wandering Hero Asami x Male Reader CH6
Chapter Six: Ah Crap
(Your POV)
The following morning I woke up and showered first thing since I didn’t get the chance to last night. After I am feeling refreshed I get dressed and head to the kitchen for breakfast. Only Pema and the kids are there right now telling me no one else is awake yet. I smile at Pema and she gestures for me to sit down. I sit next to Jinora and smile at her. She smiles back.
You: “Morning.” I said to the kids happily. They each smiled happily back at me. They each said the same back to me and I turned to Pema. “You sure you don’t need help?” I ask Pema kindly. She looks at me and shakes her head in a no fashion.
Pema: “No (M/n). I appreciate it but I can handle breakfast… Since you insist on doing everything else.” Pema said smiling at me in a kind tone. I just shrug to her.
You: “Like I said. It’s not a big deal.” I said to Pema happily. She smiled once more before returning to what she
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 12 12
I love sadness....(Akeno x male reader) #4
Hello! my fellows! it's me andrew and today I am bringing you another chapter of akeno x male reader! First of all,I know you may be thinking "andrew we get it the title says it all but why do you have to say it a second time?"...well,it can not be helped! I always need an intro! and second of all,in this part you will spend some time with your team and learn things about them and plus a new character and a surprise! SO I hope you guys are gonna like it!
{your pov}
I woke up after having a long night with a whole drunk team and I don't really remember what else happened but I remember a bang drinking several bottles on a table.I tried to get up but ended up falling off the bed.
you: goddamn it...
???: it seems like you have woken up
you: huh?
I got up and saw a naked rachel slowly getting out of the covers.I blushed a deep red by the sight and the embarrassment.
you: w-w-wh
:iconantreas2121:antreas2121 22 9
The Wandering Hero Asami x Male Reader CH5
Chapter Five: I Hate It When I’m Right
(Your POV)
Not a bad two weeks. Connor adjusted to life here quickly which, considering how calm he is about everything, is not shocking. He was often seen going into town though no one knew why… I did know why though and every time I think of why it makes me smile. It’s not a girlfriend or anything to that nature but he’s just helping people in small ways. Feeding a stray dog, helping an old woman home, you know good things like that. I have been helping Pema keep the place clean. I have pretty much taken over her duties short of cooking because I want her to chill. She is close to the end of her pregnancy after all. I just finished sweeping which should be the last thing I must do until after dinner today. I put the broom away and head back to the main room where Pema is relaxing with that book I bought. I finished it last week and… That ending was sick.
You: “Nice book, right?” I asked Pema happily. She
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 14 24
SWR Secret Love (M!S!Reader x Seventh Sister)
Chapter 1: Darth Morder
(To :iconIgnobleFiend: who asked for this)
Two Stormtroopers were walking down the hallway in the Main Imperial Headquarters of Lothal in Capital City, than a Imperial Officer is thrown out of a room with a broken neck, the two troops look at each other then turning back around.
"Lord Vader, I know you're upset, but please know this! These Rebels are easy to deal with-"
"If they are so easy, then how did The Grand Inquisitor fail to kill them?! He died by their hands, now I must do what you can't."
"Listen My Lord, there is a way we can deal with them!"
"Then you better say it, my patience is wearing thin and unless you want to end up like that fool, you better speak fast."
"Oh! I know My Lord! If the rumor is true, The Grand Inquisitor had another at his side, another Sith Lord, when The Sovereign crashed on Mustafar, The Jedi Master and The Sith clashed blades-"
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 16 5
Not A Clone (M!T!Reader x Ahsoka) 9
Chapter 9: Rescue Mission
(F/N) was holding a Bo-Rifle, he was training the Lasats.
"Now repeat after me. One!" (F/N) raises the left end of the staff up, as is he was blocking.
"ONE!" The Lasats repeated.
"Two!" (F/N) swings the right end as if he was trying to hit someone in the left leg.
"TWO!" They repeat.
"Three!" He drags the left end on the ground and does an uppercut with it.
"And Four!" He keeps the left end up and spins on one foot and brings the left end behind him, like he was impaling the person behind him.
"Well Done. Now, find a partner and practice, then after that, we'll call it a day."
"Yes Sir!"
"Find a partner, if you can't find one then I'll find one for you or I'll be practicing with you or 47 will practice with you."
Everyone finds a partner, HK-47 walks behind him, Chopper rolls up to him.
"It seems they follow your instructions well Master." HK-47 said.
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 37 11
Not A Clone (M!T!Reader x Ahsoka) 10
Chapter 10: Handling The Truth
4 Days Later.
(F/N) was silent for all of those 4 Days, Count Dooku, a Sith Tyrant, was his Father. His actual Father, he couldn't believe this, he was so angry, so frustrated, so sadden, he wanted to rip Dooku's heart out.
He was gearing up in Clone cold assault trooper gear, this had Green Lines that resembled Zero's Sharpshooter Armor, since he wasn't wearing his original helmet and he couldn't find his voice disguise chip modulator he was going to be silent around the Clones and the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 during the mission, he would talk if it was just Obi-Wan and Anakin alone with him. He was in his Quarters changing, he sits on his bed and runs both hands in his hair, he sniffs, wiping the tears from his eyes.
'Why, why didn't Mother tell me, why did she hide this from me and Lilly. If my Father is a Sith Lord, then does that make me, a Sith
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 38 13
Not A Clone (M!T!Reader x Ahsoka) 8
Chapter 8: Hunting Dooku
"In position, awaiting your signal." (F/N) said.
"Good, it's amazing how the droids allow you in the ship with that bedazzled Starfighter."
"Did you just say bedazzled?"
"Well it kinda is! Anyway I'm at the air-lock, cutting my way through.....Now!"
"Alright, get Anakin and find Dooku, if he tries to escape I'll pursue, but we'll also have Vultures on us once we do."
"Don't worry, we'll have you covered. I'm starting to sense that Anakin doesn't trust you."
"Since when? Like on Teth when we found Lilly?"
"Yeah he mentioned it, so if he acts a little hostile too you...."
"I get it, just rescue the Chosen One's ass and find the old man."
"I'm in the prison cell, be ready to chase Dooku if he tries to escape, and be careful (F/N), our Cruiser will be firing at the Separatist Cruiser."
"I know Obi-Wan, I know, I'm one of the best 'Clone' Fighters, be
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 37 8
Not A Clone (M!T!Reader x Ahsoka) 7
Chapter 7: Lair Of Grievous
"Strange, that is." Yoda said.
"I don't know who that was either, when I was knocked out by Ventress I was in the Ship, but it was just me, then that Spirit, the other one Revan warned me about lunges at me."
"The Spirit, I know. Dangerous he is. Be safe Young (F/N)."
"Will do Yoda, thanks." Yoda smiles and signs off, (F/N) was flying his ship to the planet to meet with Kit Fisto.
He enters the Atmosphere and sees Fisto's Jedi Starfighter and his Astromech, Nahdar Vebb and Kit Fisto along with Commander Fil and the other Clones see the ship.
The Clones aim their weapons.
"Stand down, I know that Spray Painted Starfighter." Kit says.
They lower their weapons.
(F/N) lands the ship, he has it on auto-pilot when he needs to make an escape, it lands by Kit's Starfighter.
He hops out of the Starfighter and he walks to the Jedi Master and Knight.
"Zero!" Kit says with a
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 37 6
Not A Clone (M!T!Reader x Ahsoka) 6
Chapter 6: Securing The Prisoner
"This is one cool mini skirt." (F/N) said as he walks with Rex.
"It's called a Kama Half Kilt." Rex said.
"I'll call it Kama then, is this just for show?"
"Basically, but it's good for pistols, I see you're using it for your Lightsabers. And a pistol." Rex said impressed.
"A Sniper is only for long range, I take that with me if I'm scouting or for Sniper support."
"Hey Zero!" Hevy shouts out.
(F/N) turns around and sees Hevy, Fives, Echo, and Denal.
"Join them, I'll come back to you when I need you alright?" Rex said.
"Thanks Rex." (F/N) shakes his hand.
"No problem, Captain."
They walk away, (F/N) goes to his Friends.
"Hey guys." (F/N) said.
"Hey Zero, what's with the Kama?"
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 36 14
Not A Clone (M!T!Reader x Ahsoka) 5
Chapter 5: Searching and Rescuing R2-D2
(F/N) was flying to Coruscant, to see his little sister and uncle.
He lands his ship, the Custom Spray-Painted Belbullab-22 Starfighter, he lands it in the hanger, many Clones giving confused looks.
Mace Windu was in the hanger and was also very Confused, then (F/N) hops out and walks off.
"What the? Trooper." Mace called to (F/N).
(F/N) walks over to Mace Windu, "Yes General?"
"Explain to me why there's Grievous's Starfighter and why is it all Spray-Painted?"
"Actually that's mine now, and I Spray-Painted it."
Mace raises an eyebrow, "Come again?"
"I took it from The Malevolence."
"What's your name Trooper?"
"Zero, General?"
"Windu. Mace Windu, so you're Zero, the one Obi-Wan and Anakin told me about, I read your file. Impressive."
"Thank you General, now I must get going, have a good day."
Mace nods, they both walk away, Mace walks over to Kit Fisto and Lumin
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 37 15
Not A Clone (M!T!Reader x Ahsoka) 4
Chapter 4: Rishi Outpost
(F/N) finished cleaning his standard rifle, he places it in the Twilight, he walks out of it and walks to his Quarters, he takes his helmet off and places it on his desk, he sits on his bed and lays down.
He sighs, 'I'll find you Mother. I will, and I'll kill Count Dooku, him, Ventress, Grievous, every last one of them.'
Then a beeping is heard, he gets up and puts his helmet back on, "Speak."
"Zero, it's me. We need your help." Obi-Wan said.
"With what?"
"Come to the Bridge, we'll discuss this."
(F/N) gets off the bed, he cracks his neck and stretches his back, making a pop. He walks out of his Quarters and Ahsoka is by the door.
"Oh, (F/N), I was just going to say-"
"Obi-Wan and Anakin need me."
"How did you-"
(F/N) points at his wrist-comm, "Oh, so what do you think they want to talk to you about?"
"I have no clue, but I can tell it's not good. Wish me luck." He tak
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 39 3
Not A Clone (M!T!Reader x Ahsoka) 2
Chapter 2: Jabba's son
"Really? Zero?" Obi-Wan said.
"Yeah, he helped us and saved us a few times on some close calls." Anakin said.
"I never thought of Jango Fett being that skilled before, was there a glitch or something?"
(F/N), or Zero, stopped by them, they looked at him.
"A glitch? In DNA? Really?" He chuckles as he walks away.
Anakin chuckles, "I've got too say, for a man whose quiet, he has my kind of sense of humor."
"Funny Anakin. I'm going to tell General Windu to go to Kamino and to look at Jango's DNA and see if there is any glitch." Obi-Wan walks away.
Zero and Jester were walking along with Chopper.
"That was a blast!" Jester said.
"Yeah no kidding, capturing a Seppie General, and blasting some clankers." Chopper said while making gestures.
"You two aren't wrong, that was very fun, almost like practice for an 'actual' droid ar
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 54 20
Not A Clone (M!T!Reader x Ahsoka) 3
Chapter 3: The Malevolence
(Months Later)
"So you stole Ventress's Lightsabers after facing her along with Jedi Master Kenobi?!" Denal exclaims.
"Yep." (F/N) shows the sabers.
"Zero, you are definitely one of the best we seen." Droidbait says(He was in Rookies and in Season 3 Clone Cadets)
"I got lucky, even fought Count Dooku, General Skywalker will back that up, but he might say he saw him using the force choke on me." (F/N) said.
"They should give you a promotion!" Fives exclaims.
"Nah, I'm fine as Sniper." (F/N) said.
"Yeah, will it won't be your choice for long kid." Rex said as he approaches to the table.
"One way or another, it'll be the Jedi's final word if they promote you. Broadside, Zero, come with me. Oh, and bring the Sabers just in case Zero."
"I always do." (F/N) said, him and Broadside getting up and walking to Rex.
They follow him and there is a bunch of Clone Pi
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 42 11
Seishiro Tsugumi x Male Reader - The Tigress Pt.1
Been a while since I last did an insert for Nisekoi^_^
"School bell rings"
Class was finally over and some of your schoolmates went to the cafeteria to grab a bite while you and a few others decided to stay in the class room. While eating your boxed lunch, you could hear some guys bullying a girl who has a sky blue bow on her head.
You(In head): "You swallow" Seriously? Does anyone in this school have anything else to do than mess with people? "You sigh and stand up" And just as I thought I was gonna have a peaceful lunch.
With that said, you started to walk towards the boys who were bullying the girl so that you can tell them to stop.
Guy: What's the matter sweet cheeks? Too afraid to fight back?
Tsugumi: Miss Kirisaki told me not to fight anyone inside school, and I'm not gonna disobey her.
Guy #2: Then that just means your a scaredy cat. Even if someone tells you not to fight, you don't even h
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 63 3


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